Friday, 24 July 2015

Video Game Genres (This post is a train wreck...)

I think that each individual gaming genre covers a wide and more vague communication of what to expect from a game. But does this broadness potentially detract from video games?

 What can be confusing to outsiders is that the genre of a game is not correlated with the narrative theme of the game but describes the category of which the key mechanics of a game would slot into. Unlike movies where you find a genre and the components within it it change, like the actors, where they all fit into a cookie cutter role when acting in a movie directly linked with it's genre with little variation between others of that genre in terms of basic key elements. Although genre isn't a solid description of what a player can expect within a game, a genre is still applied whether we do it or the company does it. Both generally when applied are cohesive with each other. The importance of giving a game a genre is not as prevalent in the decision making process of whether a player wants to spend money and invest time in that game. With this in mind why is the application of a genre less applicable to the medium of video games when put in comparison to other mediums such as movies, and books? Is this potentially a contributing factor as to video games being split of as "technically" not an art form. One could potentially argue. "How can video games be seen as an art form when the subjectivity of their genres are far less compatible as genres applied to movies, and books!?" "fair deuce" I would say.

But flip that argument around. "Hypothetically" if we set video games as an art form (Which it is) than the perspective of having broad genre categories. Would only mean we would see games as larger potential for creativity. Which is how I like to think about gaming genres. They are applied vaguely as a showing of how categorising games can not be specified. The potential of what can be created in a game can not be narrowed down. It is too expansive to simply be this, or that. That's why video games are awesome. It's an art form with an insane encompassment. Vague genre's don't do any harm to video games. They only symbolize the expansive nature of creativity that video games can encapsulate. *Mic Drop*

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